520 Social stop Pub

The five20 Social Stop, Cedarburg's newest hot spot.

The five20 Social Stop is a guest pub, located on the first floor of the Inn.   It serves as a welcoming area for guests as well as a place for locals to stop in for a quick visit. Come in and meet our friendly staff and make new friends. Find out about local events and happenings or just sit back and relax with a glass of wine, beer or hand crafted cocktail. You'll love the ambiance here.  A step back in time with a modern flair. The Stagecoach Inn and the five20 are really, everything you love about Cedarburg.  The five20 Social Stop is a place where "you can actually hear your own conversation"... something you can't say about most bars/pubs.  A drink after work, a cocktail before dinner or a nightcap before heading home or up to your room are just a few of the reasons to come in.  We encourage you to stop in and get to know us... you'll want to come back again!  

Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat 4pm-10pm  

**hours subject to change**