Room 9

On the 3rd floor, this room features a queen bed and a twin antique sleigh bed, vaulted ceiling, and large corner whirlpool in the room. 

Starting at $160

Room History This room was part of the 2nd phase of the restoration. The tall ceilings follow the roof line and give the room a pleasant openness. The view from the back windows look out towards the old feed mill a block away. The trim wood around the doors and windows was salvaged from a local house that was being torn down. The cherry wardrobe was found in a basement under the stairs in Port Washington. No one would buy it because it looked impossible to move without cutting it apart. Owner Brook looked beyond the layers of paint and grim and discovered it was a "knock down". He bought it for $100 and surprised the sellers by carrying it out of the basement piece by piece. The large corner whirlpool was brought in through the back window by a lift during construction. The twin sleigh bed was from a friend and it matched the original sleigh bed we had in the room for years. But at some point we had to face the fact that the guests wanted a queen and so it was sold to a local friend and still resides in Cedarburg.


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